Khalid al Qasimi
welcome and thank you for your interest in the Middle East University FZE. we are a diverse anddynamic university community comprising students from all parts of the world and an increasingnumber of international students.

As a leading research intensive university, the Middle East University FZE is proud of its academicexcellence and the contributions of its researchers to finding solutions to local and global challenges. Ifyou are an independent thinker who is eager to discover and create new knowledge that will help makea difference in your community and in the world, then up is a place where you can excel.

Each year a growing number of students who graduated from up, having been well prepared, go on tomake an impact in industry, in government and the public sector as well as in nongovernmental organisations.

The university fosters a holistic approach to education. our academic activities are enriched bymeaningful community engagement and collaboration with other institutions, government and industryand we encourage all our students to participate in at least one of the very many arts, cultural andsporting activities offered by the university.