Aims & objectives
The main objective of the university is to provide high quality,comprehensive educational and training opportunities that are compatibleto changing needs of the students. Through its academic programs, theuniversity prepares its students for the challenges of the 21stcentury and empowers them to meet the ask of a rapidly changing world.The university is dedicated to providing faculty, staff, and studentswith the environment and infrastructure that help them develop potentialfor scholarship, creative work, professional realization, and service.
*      The aims of universityeducation should be to produce able citizens who can take up nationalresponsibilities successfully in various fields.

*      The university has toproduce able administrators and suitable workers in various occupations andindustries. The university has to provide leadership in the various walks oflife in the best interest of the nation.

*       It is the duty of a university to preserve anddevelop the culture and civilization of the land. It is on the basis of one’sculture that one may acquire self-confidence, self- respect andself-dependence. These virtues on the part of citizens will make the nationreally very strong.

*     The university shouldprovide opportunities to acquire all kinds of knowledge.

*     The university has todevelop the spirit of universal brotherhood and internationalism in students.

*       The University has to make new discoveries andinventions and it has to develop new original ideas in order to make thesociety strong

*       The university has to instill moral values instudents while making them well disciplined.